Screendoor Studio Inc. is an active, incorporated business in Alabama with a steady history of product and business development and a focus on continual research and development for new business opportunities.

Where is it exactly? Right now it’s above my garage. There is no screendoor anywhere in sight.

Jake Waitzman

  • Actively researching new business opportunities: investing, consulting, creating, developing, helping
  • Working steady since 1999 I have done: sales/marketing, writing (creative, technical, business), database management, trade shows, art direction, logo design, advertising (direct, print, tv, radio, web), production, film, music (writing, recording), voice over, editing (copy, audio, video), spokesperson, ad pitching, software development, e-commerce, bank marketing, web design, surveys, product design, patents, trademarking, retail, business start-up/ownership, business merger/acquisition, trade group founding, non-profit org founding, and lobbying.
  • More of me here: jacotremendez.com
  • Less of me here.


Are you looking for brother John?

  • John Lehman (Screendoor founder & alumnus, and future re-collaborator) has been Advertising Director at Telluride Brewing Company since its inception in 2011. It’s only natural that John is now well established in the brewing biz, considering that time in 2005 when John and I got ourselves invited to pitch ideas to Miller Brewing Co. in Milwaukee. Congrats, buddy. I’m gonna visit you up there.